Smelting team, the future can be expected|2021 zhijianeng elite team special training camp development activities ended perfectly

2021/5/3 9:30:02

In order to effectively implement the company's talent training strategy, carry forward the company's enterprise spirit of "sincerity, innovation, hard work and excellence", cultivate the spirit of middle and high-level backbone masters, enhance their sense of belonging and collective honor, and enhance their ability of cooperative combat, Shenzhen zhijianeng Automation Co., Ltd. organized a series of activities on April 29, 2021, with the theme of "cohesion, cooperation and cooperation" "Passion challenge, create the future together" of the elite team training camp development activities.

At eight in the morning, everyone gathered in the company and went to expand the base. Along the way, the program appeared frequently, singing and laughing, conveying the harmonious atmosphere of the team.

Tuan Jian breaks the ice and works together

In the warm-up stage of Outward Bound training, we are divided into four groups under the guidance of instructors. Each group selects the team leader, establishes the team name and slogan, and shows their style. We are no longer just working together as before. At this moment, we communicate with each other, discuss countermeasures, get to know each other again, and realize that we are a team, and the collective wisdom and strength are the most powerful.

A team should not only cooperate, but also cooperate well, in order to receive the best effect. To do simple things repeatedly, to do according to the requirements and complete the task, this is the executive power. One thing, a group of people, one mind, a lifetime! Even if they are punished, they should bear the responsibility together!

Trust back fall, create miracle together

his project first needs to establish mutual trust. When our peers entrust us with the safety of their lives, it shows that their trust in us is sufficient, and we must bear the heavy trust with a high sense of responsibility; Back wrestlers also need to overcome their own timidity to challenge, and fully believe in the strength of their peers, otherwise they will inevitably have body bending, easy to shift the center of gravity, and increase unnecessary pressure on their peers' safety net.

In our daily life and work, we must also learn to trust and trust the team. One third of the time in life is spent in work, the support and help of colleagues is essential. When difficulties come, the team is our strongest backing, is trustworthy. There are no perfect individuals, only perfect teams.

-Deputy general manager of zhijianeng-Jady Jiang-

After the activity in the morning, Mr. Jiang Peiliang, the company's deputy general manager, shared and summarized himself: behind the trust back fall project, members have a high degree of trust in the team. The team is always the strong backing of the individual, and it is also the same when it comes to work. Mutual trust is the foundation for us to do all our work well. At present, zhijianeng is in a very good opportunity, We should seize the opportunity and share this new energy feast through the efforts and cooperation of all departments!

Rome's gun rack, win together

This project fully embodies the leadership of preparation, planning, command and division of labor. Roman turret has a clear goal, the team's planning and implementation are to achieve the goal. But in the future work and life, the goal we meet may not be specific, and the standard of success is also different. But as long as the goal is positive, we should do our best for it.

With clear goals, of course, correct planning and division of labor are indispensable. A good plan and decision can not only make the work orderly, but also make the implementation get twice the result with half the effort. In this process, it is essential that the team members work together to help each other, so that everyone in the team can work according to the plan, the work can be successfully completed.

Horizontal bar in the air,break with convention

This activity needs to climb to the top of the pole, and then jump to catch another triangle pole, so as to complete the task. In the process of challenge, some people close their eyes at the highest point and dare not get up, but with everyone's encouragement, they break through themselves again and again, no longer afraid, and dare to challenge.

Concentrate on gathering Qi, brave leap, the leap is not only their own courage, but also the challenge to the unknown!

Perfect ending, gratitude is always there

The last project is to cross the graduation wall. After the end of this project, many people left tears. In the activity, the members who constitute the base are indomitable and selfless; The members of the team are willing to work hard; Climbing members cooperate unconditionally, showing a strong sense of team mission with the focus on the collective.

Every pair of raised hands is the most selfless pay, every thick shoulder is the most firm support, every cheer is the most meticulous care from the collective... After the challenge, everyone silently thanks each participant in their heart.

One day's training passed quickly, one test after another is not only because of persistence, but also from cooperation. Only perfect cooperation can complete these tests. In the process of Outward Bound training, we have experienced the transformation from disorder to order, from blindness to obedience to command, from self behavior to team cooperation. Finally, we successfully completed all subjects of Outward Bound training and ended the day's training. This unforgettable mental journey not only honed our will, inspired our creativity, but also promoted the communication among members, and virtually enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the whole team.

After the event, Mr. Li Shouyan, director of human resources of the company, shared his insights on this outward bound training: To summarize the wonderful performance of the elite of zhijianeng in this activity in eight words: unity, cooperation, trust and dedication; Let's work together, challenge passionately and create the future together; From the perspective of human resource strategy, it is revealed that the company will make changes in the management platform, distribution mechanism, talent development and corporate culture in the future, build a stage for employees to display their talents, establish a value distribution system for the strivers to share the company's development dividend, attach importance to talent development, shape and spread corporate culture, and let employees feel love, Feel at home to ensure that the overall organizational capacity of zhijianeng is improved to meet the future opportunities and challenges.

Before returning, Mr. Zhang Kunming, general manager of the company, shared the experience of participating in this activity and made a summary speech based on the entrepreneurial history, development status and future prospects of zhijianeng

Mr. Zhang first commented on the four projects of this expansion. Trust back fall represents a kind of trust. Roman artillery shows that the collective wisdom of the team is the most powerful. The horizontal bar in the air represents a kind of breakthrough and courage. The graduation wall more represents the tacit understanding and dedication of the team. In this expansion, a group of cadres with the courage to take on responsibilities have emerged, They are all valuable assets of zhijianeng. Then Mr. Zhang told us the history of zhijianeng working all night in order to complete the customer delivery on time in the early stage of its business, just to not delay the progress of the customer's project. This is a commitment to the customer, a responsibility and a reputation of zhijianeng, and also the reason why zhijianeng has gone through 19 years of trials and hardships, It's the capital to compete with others.

-General manager of zhijianeng-Zhang Kunming-

At present, it's a very good time for zhijianeng. In the process of development, we have also encountered some difficulties. Every member of our team has to face up to the difficulties, just like the broken bridge in the air, take that step bravely, and we will be able to challenge success; How can we grasp the opportunities in front of us? Everything depends on the team, just like the graduation wall. The main reason why we failed in the first few times is that our cooperation was a little poor. Later, we achieved the final victory by summing up, helping each other, taking the initiative and working together.

Now the development of the company is more and more strong, both the time and location, I hope you will always keep the original heart, bear in mind the responsibility, do not bear the trust of customers, zhijianeng has a bright future, come on!

Such a potential and powerful team is waving to you. Heart is better than action, join us as soon as possible!

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